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Ann Charles

Ann Charles

Hello, I’m Ann – a journalist, producer and Birth Geek from London, UK.

Having been fascinated by all things childbirth-related from a very young age, I’m now unlocking my inner Birth Geek as I train to become a Doula.

I’ll happily chat about all things birth and pregnancy-related and am not at all squeamish.  In fact, looking at the way we communicate around birth is one of my extra-geeky interests.

Some disclaimers: I’m not an expert.  I do not give advice.  Debate and contributing experiences and thoughts are welcome but please keep it positive.  Any opinions I express here are nothing to do with anyone that employs me or any other voluntary organisation(s) I may be involved with.  The content of external sites is nothing to do with me and doesn’t mean I endorse them.  Blahdiblahdiblah (you know the rest).

This blog is mainly powered by chocolate.  It might give you some cookies.  I do not plan on doing anything evil with any information you share with me.  But if you don’t trust me, then please step away now 🙂